Why we got started . . .

Oftentimes when children are placed in out of home care, they come with very little. The families that take in these children may not receive any aid initially.

When children aren’t placed with relatives or family friends (which are known as psychological relationships) they will be placed into traditional foster care homes, which is often hard and traumatic for children. Traditional foster care homes do not have a prior relationship with the child(ren) placed in their homes. These homes and children need more support through challenging times. 

The goal is to encourage growth, healthy development, and lifelong coping mechanisms. Foster connections will not only provide monetary support through supplies and activities, but also provide support through Foster Kinship support groups, Adoptive support groups, in-home training, and group training; during, throughout, and after the case. Support groups will be offered monthly as well as open hours for families to meet and connect with others that are on similar journeys as their own.

Our meeting areas will also be beneficial to receive help with paperwork and help these families navigate their new day to day routine. Foster Connections will have a clothing and supply shop available to families.
Foster Connections has three goals: First, to provide initial supports during placement. Next, is to bring people together and allow a space for connection in order to develop lasting and supportive relationships. Lastly, to provide ongoing supports.

Stay in touch as we continue to work towards securing a permanent location.